FI wins Platinum Trusted Service Award 2023

We are delighted to announce that FI has won the Platinum Trusted Service award 2023. Based on genuine student reviews, this award is a ‘seal of excellence’ from the independent review platform Feefo.

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FI Learn is First Intuition’s exclusive online learning platform.

Our platform supports all of our learners, regardless of whether they’re studying an online or classroom based course. FI Learn is where you can find all of our market-leading online content, which will support you in achieving the best results.

FI Learn Login Button

The FI Learn Dashboard

When you first access FI Learn you will be taken to a personalised dashboard. This includes:

1. Simple Navigation

Easy navigation to the courses you are currently enrolled on and a snapshot of your progress through the course, making the level of work required on each of your modules clear

2. Additional Study Materials

Links to relevant articles, support and information for your studies. For example, this might include access to study tips, our most recent blogs and wider FI updates.

3. Course Calendar

A personalised calendar which can be used to track core programme and course dates


For each course that you have access to, you will find everything you need in one place. The course page includes:


In this section, we give you more information on the different elements of online course materials at First Intuition.

FI Learn - Getting Started

Getting Started

Each module begins with a “Getting Started” section. We think that context and planning are really important to learning. This is where a student can better understand the overall objectives of a module and look at our advice on how to approach their studies.

Core Learning Topics at FI

Core Learning Topics

Every core learning topic follows the same structure, to enable you to have a consistent understanding of our approach.

Every topic sets out the learning outcomes that will be addressed – we try to create these so that you are clear on what you should be able to do, having completed the chapter.

You will also find a range of videos (broken into manageable chunks). These form a core element of learning throughout the topic and sit alongside practice questions at the end of every chapter. This allows you to consolidate your learning and identify your strengths and weaknesses before moving on.

We are here to support you as you do this. You can contact your named tutor at any point with questions, and then review question debrief videos which are available for each set of questions where an FI tutor has explained some of the trickier elements of the topic.

Finally, we know it’s important to keep track of your learning. As you complete each activity you will see a green tick that indicates you have completed it. This will allow you to see exactly how you are progressing through each topic.

Video Content on FI Learn


We have an average of around 12 hours of tutor recordings on every module. These videos replicate tutor-led classroom learning, using FI course notes (for which learners receive a physical copy).

We have recently upgraded our video player to ensure that our videos are responsive and play across all devices. Our video players also:

  1. Remember where you last watched a recording and starts from the point that you exited. This is perfect on longer topics where you don’t want to complete a recording in one go.
  2. Easy navigation to the next/previous activities, and back to the course home page, to allow for ease and speed of navigation whilst learning.
  3. You also have control over the image quality (they can be adjusted to internet speed) and also the speed of the video. This is good as it allows you to customise the rate of learning, meaning you can take on and process information at your own pace.

Assessments on FI Learn


We use specialist assessment software within courses to support the question practice at the end of every chapter. In addition to this, we also have checkpoint tests and mock exams. This software allows us to replicate the question types and functionality of real exams.

Throughout each course, we have added a range of test activities. These tests include questions from all the topics covered prior to this point in the course. This allows you to consolidate knowledge and ensures that as you progress throughout the course, you are revisiting topics covered at an earlier stage of your learning.

These tests also allow you to build your exam skills for mock exams and, ultimately, the real exam by practising multi-topic tests, with exam standard questions throughout the course.


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What other learners say...

Always happy to help and flexible to suit the student, which is greatly appreciated when you’re trying to balance work commitments with study.

Craig Freer, ICAEW

I’m very grateful to the tutors, who even though it was an intense course found the time to answer our questions and offered to help us via email/phone if they didn’t have time to answer a question in class.

Sonali Gidwani

The best customer service, by far, of all the providers in this field. You can actually speak to a person, not a robot, who is prompt and helpful.

Abigail Grove

Really well delivered course. Great analysis and some fantastic insight into how to plan, structure and answer a question. Feeling very confident.

Tom Palmer

Really good teaching and feedback. All complex areas broken down and explained really well.

Sarah Ehirim