Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Read below for answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Where can I find advice about getting started with accountancy training?

For advice on how to get started with your accountancy training, please see our Getting started guide and our Guide to qualification pathways. If you have any further questions about getting started please get in touch with our friendly customer services team.

Where can I find course dates and prices for my local study centre or online centre?

To find course dates & prices, first select your study centre then scroll down to ‘course dates & prices’ which is on the left on your study centre’s page. From here you can view the dates & prices PDF document for your qualification and exam sitting. Alternatively, you can use the filters on the Book Now page to view all available courses for your study centre.

Does my course include the exam fee?

AAT, ACCA, CIMA and ICAEW (Professional and Advanced level) courses do not include exam fees. You have the flexibility of booking and paying for your exam at a centre that is conveniently located to you. For ICAEW Certificate exam fees please check with your local study centre. To book an exam at an FI study centre, please visit our CBE booking page.

Can I purchase just the hard copy materials for self study?

First Intuition can provide AAT self study materials (course notes and question bank) via the self study option on the Book Now page. For all other qualifications you can choose to study via FI Online, FI Online Live or classroom courses, all of which include hardcopy and digital versions of the course notes and question bank. We do not sell our course notes or question banks separately for ACCA, CIMA or ICAEW courses.

What is the difference between a chartered accountant and a management accountant?

Management accountants manage the accounting of finance in a company, whereas chartered accountants give financial reports on a company. The fundamental difference is, a chartered accountant works externally (is a freelancer, or contractor, for example) whereas a management accountant is based within an organisation.

Booking a course or exam

Read below for frequently asked questions related to booking a course or exam.

How do I book a course?

Courses can be booked online or you can download a booking form from your local study centre page to be returned via email. You can also contact your local study centre during open hours to book over the phone.

What if my employer is paying?

If you are a new client you can either book online and pay with a company card, or download a booking form and return it to us via email. Please visit our employer payments page for information on how to book a course if your employer is sponsoring your studies.

How do I book a computer based exam?

To view availability or book an exam with one of our study centres, please visit our CBE booking page.


Here we have put together of list of the most frequently asked question on CIMA and CIMA course.

What are the four levels of CIMA?

There are four levels to the CIMA qualification: Certificate, Operational, Management and Strategic.

Where are CIMA qualifications recognised?

CIMA is globally recognised. CIMA is the world’s largest professional body of management accountants and has a network of over 696,000 finance professionals.

How long is a CIMA course?

Most students will complete the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) qualification within four years.

What qualifications do I need to study CIMA?

Will you be new to business or accounting studies? If so, you’ll initially need to work towards the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting. At this point, you can progress on to the CIMA professional qualification. If you happen to have already studied business or accounting, you may be entitled to exemptions, or there may be an alternative route to entry for you. Get in touch to find out more.

Which is better, CIMA or ACCA?

This is subjective and depends on your desired career path. CIMA is for Management Accountants, whereas ACCA is for Chartered Accounts. Learn more about the difference between chartered and management accountants. If you are unsure as to which career path is right for you, please enquire directly with the awarding bodies before proceeding.

What is the difference in pay between CIMA and ACCA professionals?

This is subjective and depends greatly on location, experience and employer.


We get asked a number of questions about ACCA courses and qualifications. Here is the list of most frequently asked:

Is an ACCA qualification equivalent to a degree?

Broadly, the first 9 modules of the qualification are the equivalent of a degree. The Professional level is the equivalent of a Masters degree.

How does ACCA differ to CIMA?

ACCA students study to become Chartered Accountants, whereas CIMA students study to become Management Accountants. Learn more about the difference between a chartered accountant and a management accountant. Learn more about the difference between a chartered accountant and a management accountant?

What ACCA professional paper is best to take first?

The best module to take can be quite subjective, depending on an individual’s plans for their optional modules. Generally, we recommend starting with Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) before completing your optional modules, then finishing with Strategic Business Leader.

Where are ACCA qualifications recognised?

ACCA is recognised internationally. When you study ACCA, you will have the option to take your career in any direction, in some of the most sought after roles across the world.

Where can I study ACCA?

ACCA can be studied in a number of locations, within one of our high spec classrooms, online or online live.

Are ACCA exams on demand?

Applied Knowledge modules, and Corporate and Business Law from the Applied Skills level, can be assessed via an on-demand exam. All other exams can be scheduled once per quarter directly with ACCA.

Are ACCAs chartered accountants?

Yes, ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Are ACCA exams open book?

No, ACCA exams are not open book. At First Intuition, we give you the opportunity to take part in revision sessions as well as to take mock exams to ensure you are completely prepared for success in your ACCA exams. 

When is best to start an ACCA course?

Please explore our ACCA programme page to discover start dates across our classroom centres, as well as online and online live courses.


Read below for frequently asked questions related to apprenticeships.

Does First Intuition offer apprenticeships?

First Intuition offers apprenticeship training across several accountancy, leadership and management and digital marketing qualifications. You can find more about our apprenticeship programmes here.

If you are a student looking for an apprenticeship we recommend that you have a look at the Government Apprenticeship Finder Website. Once you are employed in a role, we can speak to your employer about apprenticeship training.

Accessing FI learn

Check here for frequently asked questions related to getting access to your FI learn account.

How do I log into FI Learn?

To log into your FI Learn account and access your online course content, please click here.

My password is not working, who do I contact?

If your password is not working please check you have not picked up an additional space when copying from an email or other source. If that is not the case we recommend you reset your password.

How do I reset my password?

If you need to reset your password you can do so from the FI learn log in page.

Click on the forgotten password link and enter your email or username. You will receive an email with a link to reset you password.

Can I change my details on FI learn?

If you would like your details on FI learn changed please contact your local FI centre and they will be able to update your profile for you.

I have not received log in details to FI learn

If you have booked your first course with FI and have not received an email with a login to FI learn please contact your local FI centre who will be able to help you.

For subsequent course bookings, you will be sent joining instructions and the courses are automatically added to your FI learn account.

My FI learn content

Check here for frequently asked questions about your access to content in FI learn. This includes recommendations on IT compatibility.

My course has disappeared from my Dashboard, can I still access it?

Your course has not been lost! When you complete the course to 100% the course drops off your Dashboard so that your Dashboard stays current. You can still access your course by clicking on the ‘Course Library’ menu item at the top of your FI learn page.


How is the course completion % measured?

Each course will have certain activities within it that are tracked as part of the course completion. These are generally assessment activities such as Question Banks, Test Your Learning Quizzes and Mock exams. If you hover your mouse over the progress bar of a course it will tell you how many activities and what type make up the overall progress.

I am receiving an error when trying to access assessments in FI Learn. What do I do?

It is sometimes possible for your browser settings to interfere with access to assessments. You may be asked to login repeatedly, or may receive a ‘page cannot be found’ error.

The following fix can be tried when using Google Chrome (our recommended browser):

– Go into ‘Settings’

– Click on ‘Privacy and security’

– Click on ‘Cookies and other site data’

– Under ‘General settings’ ensure that ‘Block third-party cookies’ is un-ticked

– Log out of FI Learn, close the browser and log back into FI Learn

You will be able to follow a similar process to allow third-party cookies within other browsers.

How do I check my Online Course test/mock assessment results?

ACCA, CIMA, AAT and ICAEW Certificate Level online courses feature a ‘my results’ tile, which you can click to view your assessment results and feedback. ICAEW Professional and Advanced Level feedback can be viewed by clicking into the assignment itself.

Is my web browser supported?

Totara Learn is written in-line with industry web standards including XHTML, HTML5, and ECMAScript 5.1 (commonly referred to as JavaScript). Totara Learn should work correctly in any browser that supports these standards.

We test our Learning Platform against the following web browsers. Other browsers may likely work, but we cannot guarantee it.

Desktop browsers

  • Chrome: The latest stable release. This is our recommended browser
  • Firefox: The latest stable release.
  • Microsoft edge: The latest stable release.
  • Safari 10.
  • Internet Explorer 11.

Mobile browsers

  • iOS Safari 9.
  • Android browser: The latest stable release.
  • Chrome for Android: The latest stable release.

Is my operating system supported?

We test our Learning Platform against the following operating systems. Other systems may likely work, but we cannot guarantee.

  • Windows – Windows, 7, 8 and 10 or later
  • Mac – OS X Mavericks 10.9 or later
  • Linux – 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 or later, Debian 8 or later, openSUSE 13.1 or later and Fedora Linux 21 or later

I can’t access my video lectures/online content via my work computer

First Intuition uses various features for video, interactive and other learning content. This is designed to be on demand, across the world, 24/7.


In order to be able to access this, you may need to ask that your IT team unblock access for you/your learners.  We appreciate that this is not always straight forward, that it can take time for approval, or indeed might never be permitted due to security restrictions.  If this is the case – don’t worry – there are other options available to you, and we explore these below.

In the meantime, if you are able to, you should request that your IT team whitelist the following domains and all subdomains on your network:


Domain to be whitelisted Purpose
*. Analytics / Reporting




Streaming video delivery

Analytics / Reporting






Live class delivery and progress reviews


Please note we can use Teams or Zoom so only require one of these services to be available




Learning Platform – training delivery and course assessments





Partner services

What are my options if I am having issues accessing content?

If you are unable to access the platform/s, there are a few other options:

  1. Access the platform/s from a different device.
  2. Access the platform from a different server or network.  If the problem exists with your local network, you may be able to log-on in a location with fewer security restrictions on website access, for example, a government office with open access Wifi.
  3. Work from home.  Many of our learners take time out in the week to complete their learning at home.  If this is allowable – then please consider this option, as it is one that most people choose;
  4. First Intuition has learning centres around the country that may be able to offer you a space in which to complete your studies. Please contact a member of our team who can liaise with you to check availability at one of our centres.

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If you still have a question related to booking a course or studying with First Intuition, please contact our friendly customer services team.