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A Digital Marketing apprenticeship provides the foundation for a career focused on developing, managing and promoting online content, which stands out


As we enter an economic downturn, the temptation may be to cut back on marketing spend, but now more than ever, we need to be thinking about how to raise the profile of our businesses and attract new clients. Digital marketing has been central to continued communications and customer engagement during lockdown and is undisputedly the chosen route to market for many.

The Digital Marketer (Level 3) apprenticeship programme provides the foundation for a career in Digital Marketing, together with key skills to support an in house team focused on developing an online presence which stands out.

Investing in an apprentice within your business could make all the difference, enabling you to deliver successful marketing campaigns.

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Our first programme will be launched in Spring 2021 at our Reading and Southampton centres.  Send us an email or register your interest by clicking the button below to arrange an informal discussion or to find out more information.

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Who is the Digital Marketing Programme for?

Are you looking to increase your knowledge and understanding of digital marketing?

Would you like to know more about the underlying business theories of marketing and gain technical knowledge to build your own digital tools?

Do you either:

✔ Already have responsibility for looking after social media and marketing


✔ Will you be taking on this responsibility for the first time?

You do not need to have a full-time role in marketing but there must be an opportunity to spend sufficient time studying, as well as implementing digital skills in the workplace.

What will I learn?

Throughout your 15-18-month journey you will be assessed on:

Principles of Coding
Develop an understanding of a variety of different software languages and how to use coding across multiple platforms. You will also learn about the components involved in web functionality.

Marketing Principles
Understand and apply basic marketing principles. You will gain an appreciation of the role of customer relationship marketing, how teams can work to deliver marketing campaigns and how this effects the customer life cycle. You will also explore the main components of Digital and Social Media Strategies.

Digital Marketing Business Principles
Explore best practice in email marketing, how to use web analytics and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Undertake a detailed analysis of social media and digital platforms. Grow to understand and respond to the business environment. Appreciate the importance of cyber security and the procedures needed to protect data.

At First Intuition we also offer our unique skills modules. These will bring your learning to life.

We offer a combination (8 in total) of skills-based workshops, tasks and reflections spread across the course of the programme.

A typical module will incorporate:


An introduction to the module and learning objectives


Virtual classroom sessions with a tutor every month


Assessment and constructive feedback from your cohort tutor coach


Tailored professional skills modules e.g. teamworking, communication skills and problem solving

Digital Marketer Factsheets

To help you get started, we have created factsheets outlining the key information you need to know about our Level 3 programme. Download them below.

Why FI?

First Intuition is committed to dedicated support, added value and clear progression. Our apprenticeship delivery options offer flexibility to ensure every apprenticeship is fit for purpose.

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  • An experienced training provider, always putting the learner first
  • A tutor coach, with a breadth of current experience within the digital marketing sector
  • A hybrid model of online learning and classroom-based skills providing a unique experience for you to leverage within your career
  • Full support from sign up to end point assessment, to help you to achieve the best results possible
  • Online learning environment to support learning throughout the apprenticeship

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Excellent resources provided and classroom sessions were very helpful

Daniel Estocapio, ACCA

Good teachers and environment for learning. Friendly and helpful staff

Vikki Sanderson, ICAEW

The tutors are great, they are quick at responding and their lesson plans are informative and straight the point.

Evangenline Andrews, ICAEW

Really well delivered course. Great analysis and some fantastic insight into how to plan, structure and answer a question. Feeling very confident.

Tom Palmer

The best customer service, by far, of all the providers in this field. You can actually speak to a person, not a robot, who is prompt and helpful.

Abigail Grove


If you employ people studying towards their professional qualification then we would love to work with you to design and deliver a programme of study that meets your needs. Our clients trust us to give them great advice. This comes from taking the time to listen to employers and understand what they really need to drive their business forward.

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