Over the last few months, we have talked about how apprenticeships are the way to build a long-term team of finance professionals, whether that is in and accountancy practice or any other company where the finances are complex enough to need a clear understanding of the risks and regulations that surround this aspect of business life.

Other people have recognised the same potential in recruiting and training staff for the future through the Government apprenticeship scheme. The US owned bank JP Morgan has just started a scheme based on the South Coast that aims to bring in people from other sectors and train them to a high level of professional accountancy knowledge. This scheme is being run in conjunction with Advancing Black Pathways, and organisation that aims to promote access to well paying career paths for the Black community. In an interview with Financial News Cecil Peters, who is running the programme for JP Morgan said that: “We know it’s a really competitive marketplace right now and that a lot of banks are fighting for the same pool of talent. This is one of the ways we are doing something different to bring more people into the industry.” The intention is to extend this initiative to all communities and all parts of the country in 2022.

While JP Morgan are a huge business with 20,000 staff in the UK alone, the opportunity to replicate the same sort of programme is open to companies of all sizes by working with First Intuition. We can offer your existing team the chance to add to their skill set and turn those skills into a professional qualification that will support them throughout their careers. We can also take people from other walks of life and help them access the training they need to begin well paid valuable careers that benefit bother them and their employers by building the pool of talent you need to take you business through the challenges of the 2020s, 2030s and beyond.

With the potential for financial support from the Government Apprenticeship programme, and First Intuition’s proven track record in training team members that add value and remain in your business longer this is a strategy with massive benefits for any business with an involvement in finance, which is of course all businesses. From a level 2 accounts assistant to degree level professional qualifications and beyond, First Intuition are the best partner for your growth.

First Intuition’s goal is to develop financially fluent professionals who can make an impact for talent hungry employers. All types of business need team members who have a thorough grounding in financial management, and we are able to fill that need. Get in touch with the First Intuition team in Bristol or call us on 0117 3540190 to discuss how we can help with your apprenticeship plans.


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