Digital Finance Courses

First Intuition launched its new Digital Finance courses in the summer of 2022. Find out more about ‘Digital Finance Essentials’ and ‘Focus on Data Analytics’, what the courses cover, and some testimonials from our initial sessions below.

Digital Finance Courses in the UK

Digital Finance Courses

First Intuition launched its new Digital Finance courses in the summer of 2022. Find out more about ‘Digital Finance Essentials’ and ‘Focus on Data Analytics’, what the courses cover, and some testimonials from our initial sessions below.

First Intuition has designed and developed ‘finance-flavoured’ programmes to help accounting and finance professionals gain a better understanding of digital technologies: how they are relevant to the finance world and how they can help provide insight and impactful support for business decision-making.

These digital finance courses focus on understanding the different digital technologies available for finance professionals for them to make informed decisions on which technologies are right for them and their organisation. This is done by using real-world case studies and applying them to the context of accountancy and finance. The courses also challenge finance professionals to look beyond technology and focus on people and the skills they offer to help ensure companies and their staff are more resilient to change.

Digital Programme Manager, and creator of the two courses, Louisa Matheson comments:

“I was really excited to launch our new FI digital courses: Level 1 Digital Finance Essentials and Level 2 Focus on Data Analytics. I’m passionate about these courses because they combine the opportunity to:

  • Strip away the hype and jargon and discuss the latest developments and opportunities in Digital Finance and Data Analytics, and
  • Focus on people and how we can overcome resistance to change and develop a growth mindset.

I’m pleased to be able to help people take away practical ideas to implement in order to add value and increase efficiencies in their business. The classroom discussions and opportunity to reflect and share tips and ideas works really well. I’m looking forward to running our next digital courses very soon.”

See below for more information about First Intuition’s two new digital finance courses and some comments from attendees of the first courses.

L1: Digital Finance Essentials

Find the Digital Finance Essentials course details here

Find the Digital Finance Essentials fact sheet here


  • Common language and essential knowledge and understanding of digital finance trends and technologies
  • Journey before tools

Who’s the course for: 

  • This programme is for accounting and finance professionals at any stage in their career journey

“I think the course is for everyone, as the change and advancements are coming and we all need to embrace them to stay relevant.”


  • Online or bespoke

“I think it has been great online. The small breakout rooms were great and the polls/quiz. I actually prefer it online as I feel people are more confident to give answers and it is easier to make notes.”


  • An attendee will be able to take this learning into the workplace to understand the use of and impact of technology in an everyday finance role and use new learning for opportunities to enhance effectiveness
  • Short-term and long-term goals to action

“The course made me think about ways in which I could improve my role and made me optimistic for the future.”

The one-day course takes finance professionals through the following:

  • Where we are now – how accounting and finance systems have developed up to the present day
  • Where we can go in terms of small changes and bigger changes, i.e. digital transformation:
    • Process automation
    • Machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • Data analytics and visualisation
    • Blockchain and cryptocurrency

“I feel this has really inspired me to think more out of the box in terms of presenting information – adding charts etc to the information that previously has been predominantly data.”

“It really opened my eyes into how much the business world is changing in terms of its requirements from Finance.”

  • How we get to our goal, including:
    • People – skills and roles
    • Culture – the mindset shift
    • Ethics
    • Risks such as cyber security

“The course flowed well, it brought up considerations for myself who is relatively new to the Finance industry the current integration of digital software and platforms and increased my awareness.”

“[The course was] very useful as I can share it with the others within my firm. I think it would be beneficial for FI to offer these sessions in-house for firms as all the employees at my organisation would benefit. Thank you very much – very interesting and beneficial.”

L2: Focus on Data Analytics

Find the Focus on Data Analytics course details here

Find the Focus On Data Analytics fact sheet here


  • Develop knowledge of data and data analytics skills and techniques

Who’s the course for: 

  • This programme is aimed at finance professionals who wish to develop their understanding of data and the data analytics skills and techniques available


  • Online or bespoke


  • An attendee will have an increased understanding of Data Analytics and have grown their data skills, being able to gain a greater understanding of levels of Data Analytics and the data science process and take this learning into their workplace
  • Short-term and long-term goals to action

“The main action I took away from the course was to take the plunge and implement data analytics software into my day-to-day work particularly software I already have access to.”

“[I feel equipped] to move forward in the firms data analytics policy”

The two-day course takes finance professionals through the following:

  • What is data analytics
    • Data & big data
    • 4 levels
    • Statistical tools
    • Data visualisation

“The section on data visualisation was incredibly interesting to see how the message of data was much more clearly conveyed when you consider the best way of presenting it.”

  • How it can be used
    • Case studies
  • How you can use it
    • Strategy and process
    • Data driven decision-making framework
    • Skills and roles

“[It was great to get the] chance to discuss ideas with other people, to step back and consider goals and opportunities which I don’t always have a chance to do.”

Public Courses for those who work in Practice or Industry (virtual classroom):

Please contact Louisa Matheson our Digital Programme Manager for more information about our virtual classroom dates and prices.

Leadership & Management Courses

As part of our post-qualification education, we also have Leadership and Management courses starting in East Anglia and Yorkshire in 2022. We will be offering a range of options catering to individuals looking to add additional skills to those wishing to obtain chartered management status.  You can read more about this exciting new addition to our course here.