Training now for the future…

Training now for the future…

The news is full of shortages of staff. From lorry drivers to care workers many sectors are finding it hard to recruit and are looking to the future to ensure that they can at least begin to fill the skills gap. Using the Government Apprenticeship scheme to nurture team members committed to the business and with company specific skills will benefit both employee and employer in the long term.

On the ICAEW Insights blog in June there was a piece that lead with the headline; “Almost a third of employers across the financial, professional and business services sector are struggling to recruit due to widespread skills shortages aggravated by the COVID pandemic”. Reflecting the blogs we have shared here over the last few months the ICAEW conclude that with people being away from their desks on furlough or isolating for long periods over the last year and a half ; “people’s roles and skills are not as relevant as they were 18 months ago, which is further aggravating the skills situation and putting an additional strain on the job market.”

Using Apprenticeships to upskill and retrain your existing workforce to fit the needs of your business today and in the future can boost employee retention and enhance company loyalty. Finance departments are amongst the worst hit by the lack of staff with up to date skills.

The accounting and financial qualifications that First Intuition provide as part of the apprenticeship scheme are as relevant in business as they are to accountancy practices. Especially supporting the areas of risk management and internal auditing. Taking team members whose skill set may need updating and supporting them through programmes from the level two accounts assistant on to AAT, ICAEW ACCA and CIMA qualifications can retain a valued employee who may otherwise find themselves underskilled for the company’s future plans.

First Intuition work with businesses to help their teams learn the skills needed in the modern commercial world. Developing people who go on to valuable careers that benefit both them and their employers. Our goal is  to develop financially fluent professionals who can make an impact for talent hungry employers. Get in touch with the First Intuition team in Bristol or call us on 0117 3540190 to discuss how we can help with your apprenticeship plans.