Mock Exam Marking – Everything You Need To Know

Ever wondered why we mark and how marks are awarded in a mock exam? This blog tells you everything you need to know when understanding marking.

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Mock Exam Marking – Everything You Need To Know

Ever wondered why we mark and how marks are awarded in a mock exam? This blog tells you everything you need to know when understanding marking.

Why do we mark your mock exams?

Mock exams are a key part of the FI educational model.  They are assessments FOR learning, rather than assessments OF learning. As these are a key part of your learning journey, we mark and return your script in a matter of days.  Therefore,  you can review your marked script against our model answers/any debriefs, with the assessment still fresh in your mind. Taking time to carry out this review is beneficial, no matter your result.

What are our mock exam markers doing?

Our markers are here to help you improve your skills.  To get your marked mock exam back to you efficiently, our markers will not spend time seeking for your workings. Nor will they try to find you an odd half mark, here or there, as they are not trying to get you to a passing grade. They aim to help you improve. So, at this stage, missed half marks are not important.   The important thing is that you attempted the assessment under exam conditions and now know what you need to do to improve. 

What sort of feedback can you expect on your mock exam?

It’s useful to submit a script that has been attempted under exam conditions. You’ll benefit from someone else’s perspective on the quality of your script and what you could improve upon. Our markers will aim to make a couple of comments regarding what you need to do to improve your score.   

However, if your presentation is poor, the marker will likely comment on that. This may be something you didn’t notice and can work on. If our marker found your script hard to mark, so will the real examiner. Therefore, you may not score all the marks that you might have done had your work been well-presented. 

Why do markers advise students to review the model answer?

If you’ve misunderstood part of a question, the best advice a marker can give is to review the model answer and any debriefs.  The model answers and debriefs are an important element of our learning resources.  

However, sometimes the best advice a marker can give you is to ‘review topic X in your notes’. We strongly recommend you take this on board, as this is advice from an expert.  Sometimes, the marker may comment on your time management if you did not complete a paper. Crucially, this is a high-level comment that you need to think about.  Learners who do not finish professional mock exams rarely pass them. 

How do mock exam markers award marks?

When reviewing the comments and marks awarded by the marker, it’s worth noting that if you have given a very strong answer there will be little to comment on, other than highlighting points that may have been missed – this may just be through a reference to the model answer.  Equally, if an answer is incomplete or doesn’t demonstrate understanding of the concepts, the best course of action would be to review the model solution and your course materials for that area.

Why didn’t you get ‘own figure’ or ‘follow through’ marks? 

For numerical answers, markers should award follow-through marks. However, if you’ve done something obscure, they may miss these.  In the real exam, the markers have weeks to mark and many opportunities to discuss each script.  The real exam is the assessment of learning, rather than the assessment for learning to build your skill. 

 Well done for attempting mock exams to time. We consistently see that learners who attempt all assessments achieve higher pass rates than those who don’t.  


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