Leeds Computer Based Exams

Leeds Computer Based Exams


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To book your exam, you will need to go to firstintuition.accessplanit.com and book online. You will need to pay the exam fee at the point of booking.

Please download the instructions below on how to book computer based exams:

  • If you are a First Intuition student or have sat an exam before click here
  • If you haven’t sat an exam with us before you need to set up an account first; follow the instructions here


To book your exam session select one of the links below:

9th Dec at 11am

9th Dec at 2pm

10th Dec at 11am

10th Dec at 2pm

11th Dec at 11am

11th Dec at 2pm

13th Dec at 11am

13th Dec at 2pm

16th Dec at 11am

16th Dec at 2pm

17th Dec at 11am

17th Dec at 2pm

20th Dec at 11am

20th Dec at 2pm

6th Jan at 11am

6th Jan at 2pm

8th Jan at 11am

8th Jan at 2pm

9th Jan at 11am

9th Jan at 2pm

10th Jan at 11am

10th Jan at 2pm

13th Jan at 11am

13th Jan at 2pm

14th Jan at 11am

14th Jan at 2pm

14th Jan at 6pm

16th Jan at 11am

16th Jan at 2pm

17th Jan at 11am

17th Jan at 2pm

20th Jan at 11am

20th Jan at 2pm

21st Jan at 11am

21st Jan at 2pm

22nd Jan at 11am

22nd Jan at 2pm

23rd Jan at 11am

23rd Jan at 2pm

24th Jan at 11am

24th Jan at 2pm

27th Jan at 11am

27th Jan at 2pm

31st Jan at 11am

31st Jan at 2pm

Computer Based Exam Cancellation Policy

Students are allowed to move each of their exams once, without any extra charge as long as you let us know 5 working days before the exam is due to be sat. Any subsequent moves or cancellations after this will be charged at £10.00 each. This is also subject to us being informed at least 5 working days before the exam is due to be sat.

Any moves or cancellations within 5 working days of the exam, will be charged at full price. When placing an order with First Intuition, you are subject to our terms and conditions which can be found here: https://www.firstintuition.co.uk/terms-conditions/.


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