Leadership & Management Launch Event

First Intuition’s newly developed Leadership & Management programmes

Leadership and Management Programme at First Intuition

Leadership & Management Launch Event

First Intuition’s newly developed Leadership & Management programmes

From led to leader!

Tuesday 12th November saw an early-morning gathering of a wide range of clients of our Cambridge office to find out about First Intuition’s newly developed Leadership & Management programmes at level 3 and level 5.

Cambridge L&M Launch Event

Gareth John, Director of First Intuition, was extremely pleased with the turnout at our Leadership and Management Launch!  “I didn’t expect to see so many to turn up to our first employer forum. This shows how topical management training is at the moment. It was great to see how engaged they all were in the discussions.  It reassures me that this strategic development beyond accountancy training is going to be a real hit with many of the organisations that we work with.”

Carolyn Connery of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

We were joined by Carolyn Connery of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) who our courses are accredited by. She gave us an insight into the huge growth in L&M training in recent years.  It is clear that the increasing number of employers who are taking staff skills and retention very seriously means that this sort of internal development is not just a “nice to have”.

Facts and Figures

  • Employers are expecting a broader range of skills from their staff at an earlier stage.
  • 75% of managers become managers because they were really good at their job, but that doesn’t mean they are any good at being managers. What Carolyn described as ‘accidental managers’.
  • Line managers are increasingly required to do things that HR used to do ie disciplinaries.
  • The consequences of not being a good manager can be huge.
  • After their managers completed a CMI qualification 96% of their team members rated them as ‘highly effective’.
  • The ‘ripple effect’ means that 81% of Chartered Managers are able to pass their skills onto colleagues.

Crystal Haygreen How First Intuition can help

Crystal Haygreen, Director at First Intuition has led the development of these innovative new programmes, took over to talk about what First Intuition feel they can add:

“We have spent years turning out qualified accountants and we are very good at it. We are great at supporting the first stage in a career from leaving school or university up to qualification, and that’s where we stop…until now.

Qualification is often followed by promotion and First Intuition are ideally placed to continue our support through that next stage.

At First Intuition we understand:

  • Roles in finance.
  • The skills needed.
  • The needs of the employers.

As a result, First Intuition can help our clients give their most talented and ambitious staff the skills they need for future leadership, and help those employers to retain those skilled staff.”

Crystal continued to explain who the two different programmes might be appropriate for:

  • The Level 3 programme is likely to suit someone who has completed AAT.
  • A Level 5 programme would tend to be more relevant to build on the core skills of a fully qualified accountant.

These qualifications aren’t just for accountants!

Crystal was at pains to emphasise that these programmes are not just for those who have already studied as accountants. “One of the exciting things is that this will allow us to work with all of our clients aspiring leaders including those working outside finance. Anyone who has any responsibility for staff or teams really!”

If you would like more information about First Intuition’s new Leadership & Management programmes please click here.

Furthermore, we will be running more Leadership and Management Launch events  in 2020 – to register your interest please email cambridge@fi.co.uk.


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