CIMA and ACCA training: how to cut your budget in 2020

..and enhance the service you receive at the same time.

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CIMA and ACCA training: how to cut your budget in 2020

..and enhance the service you receive at the same time.

CIMA and ACCA training: An alternative to apprenticeships

With the introduction of apprenticeship programmes for accountants in 2017, a large number of trainees are now following more structured programmes under government funded routes. However, these aren’t for everyone, owing to the extra compliance and company requirements that these programmes place on you.

In many sectors “exam only routes” are still the most popular approaches to preparing your employees for their CIMA and ACCA training programmes.

CIMA and ACCA Unlimited

For 2020 First Intuition have launched brand new Unlimited training packages for the majority of the CIMA qualification and the ACCA Strategic Professional level.

For an employer these packages can make considerable differences to your CIMA and ACCA training budgets for 2020.

Why pay double the price when you don’t need to? Why have to sign off multiple expense forms for your trainees when you don’t need to?

We wanted to make it:

  • Easy to learn, pass and progress
  • Easy to buy and transact with us

An enjoyable process for all!

When we compared our CIMA Unlimited Package prices to two other leading brands in the market delivering Online Live courses we were shocked at how much a saving could be made by you, the employer, that could be invested in your people strategies elsewhere.

How much could you save?

FI Unlimited Packages FI Company A Company B FI Saving vs Company A FI Saving vs Company B
CIMA Operational Level 1,750 3,890 3,956 2,140 2,206
CIMA Managemenet Level 1,950 4,135 4,366 2,185 2,416
CIMA Strategic Level 2,150 4,690 4,776 2,540 2,626
Total 5,850 12,715 13,098 6,865 7,248

Prices include VAT for 2020 courses. Correct as at 14.11.2019.

FI CIMA Unlimited packages include access to any Online or Online Live courses for the 4 papers at that level, including retake courses. Our courses include all physical materials, access to our fully populated online learning platform, scheduled course times, tutor support during and post course.

Will your trainees receive the same level of quality and support?

Based upon 5 trainees taking 4 exams per year, this equates to a saving of approximately £11,000 per annum. A saving of £2,000 or more each year for every trainee makes this a proposition any financial controller should be jumping at!

We are extremely confident about this. We cap our Online Live courses at 30 to ensure our tutors can fully support their classes, this is not the case elsewhere. All our tutors hand out mobile phone numbers and emails to make support and contact as easy as possible.

Finally, if you aren’t happy with switching to FI for our CIMA and ACCA , then we won’t force you to stick with us. We will calculate the cost of courses attended and reimburse the difference to you.

The sign of a decent financial controller or accountant is to manage your company’s spend – don’t miss this opportunity.

If you want to find out more about how our Unlimited packages work at First Intuition with your 2020 CIMA and ACCA training needs, please click here. And complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you asap.



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