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In 2020 we completely revamped our AAT Online Live courses and the latest results are in. Keep reading to discover what our AAT Online Courses consist of.

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AAT Online Live

In 2020 we completely revamped our AAT Online Live courses and the latest results are in. Keep reading to discover what our AAT Online Courses consist of.

Our AAT Online Live lectures are delivered by dedicated live tutors, rather than a live stream of a classroom.  The live classes are backed up by a dedicated distance learning tutor who is available on an evening and weekend.  The live tutor and distance learning tutor work together, so there is a structured timetable of where the class is at, and when assignments are due.

Once the AAT Online Live classes are over the distance learning tutor takes over and helps the students with their exam preparation and with the marking of mocks with full feedback.

Our latest set of results (December 2020) are now in, after waiting the 6 weeks for the level 4 results.

Foundation Level

Of the Foundation students who started Bookkeeping Transactions, 100% of them passed first time, whilst 95% passed Bookkeeping Controls. These are both well above the national average pass rate of 87.2% for Bookkeeping Transactions and 72.3% for Bookkeeping Controls.

Advanced Level

At the Advanced Level the first unit was the notoriously hard Advanced Bookkeeping unit. There was a cohort of 70 students. Within 2 months of the course of the 70 who started the unit, 60 had sat or booked their exam. Of the 60 that had sat the exam, 55 passed giving rise to a pass rate of 92%. This again is well above the national average the pass rate of 74.5%. Equally, 92% of the 49 students who sat the Final Accounts Preparation unit passed, compared to the national pass rate of 77.1%.

Professional Level

The step up from the Advanced Level to the Professional Level is one that students have historically found difficult, but this wasn’t the case here.

We had a large intake of 112 students for the Management Accounting: Budgeting unit. Of the 78 students who sat the exam (70% of the class), 70 passed. This gives the live cohort an incredible pass rate of 90% compared to the national average pass rate of 76.5%.

However, it isn’t just the pass rates which have been exceptional, students have loved the new interactive AAT Online Live classes.

What our Students and Tutors think:

“Carol was fantastic, really engaging and really clear at explaining everything.  I think the AAT Online Live adds a new dynamic to distance learning, really enjoyable…”  Andy Murray

I really enjoy teaching the AAT Online Live classes, the technology allows for lots of class participation and it is great when everyone takes part in the quizzes and polls.  Knowing that the students also have a dedicated distance learning tutor also makes sure they are looked after outside of their live classes.  It really feels like the best of both worlds.” Anne Bosch FI Tutor

You can see a demo of our dedicated Online Live classes, and get more information here:

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