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Which Level To Start At? Live Online

With an AAT distance learning course from First Intuition you get all the study materials you need to study on your own and at your own pace.

If you buy our Online or Live Online package (AQ2013 or AQ2016)  you can contact your subject tutor at any time if you need help.

Distance learning materials include:

1610_D11_159Planning phase material take control of your studies.
You will receive guidance on the completion of your study planner to make sure you progress through your studies at a pace that suits you, whether quickly or slowly.

Learning phase material – you need to start by building your knowledge. Course notes written by experienced tutors to guide you through the syllabus, together with a question bank of practice examples to help your understanding. Plus a series of assignments throughout the course make sure that you have a full understanding of the material as you progress.

Rehearsal phase material – you now need to practice what you have learnt. A task bank of revision examples designed to link the knowledge you have acquired to the tasks you may see in the real assessment, ensuring that you are able to demonstrate what you have learnt.

Mock phase material – finally, you need to get ready for the real thing.  Practice is important, so you will complete a number of mock assessments to ensure that you are confident in each topic. These will include a guided mock (taking you step by step through a full assessment) and a timed mock (to ensure that you are fully prepared for the real assessment).

Our Online and Live Online packages (AQ2013 or AQ2016) include superb online resources, including online lectures and tutor-recorded mock debriefs. For a demo click here.

If you have any further queries regarding our AAT study programme please email or phone 01425 618124.