After December 2017 you will not be able to sit your F5-F9 exams on paper. If you haven’t considered it yet, we set out why you’ll benefit from switching from paper to session CBEs in December.

Workplace Similarities

When was the last time you created a document at work by writing it all by hand? Employers need people who have the skills to use word processing and spreadsheet tools on PC, so it makes sense to use these in your exams too.


Most of us spend our working hours typing emails, editing documents and using spreadsheet tools to complete tasks. By switching to computer based exams, you can use the skills you already have to save you time.


Examiners can only give you marks if they can read what you have written. Taking your exams on PC means your work is presented professionally and messy handwriting is no longer an issue. You can edit your answers and easily change your layout to make sure you don’t miss important exam marks.


Gone are the days of sore hands and aching arms after a three hour exam. Typing your answers will allow you to sit comfortably throughout the exam, meaning you are less likely to get distracted and lose marks.

But what if something goes wrong?

The ACCA session CBE centres are carefully selected and very reliable.  However, the ACCA have a number of contingency measures in place to ensure students aren’t negatively impacted in the event of something unexpected happening on the exam day.

Here are just some of the reasons why you can take your session CBE with confidence:

  • Your answers are automatically saved and backed up
  • All CBE centres meet our strict technical specifications
  • All CBE centres are served by on-site technical support
  • All CBE centres have a 24/7 dedicated hotline with our exam software provider
  • There are contingency computers at every CBE centre which can be used in the event of a significant issue occurring with an individual computer.

On the exam day the ACCA have everything covered. All you need to think about is your exam.

I have already booked a paper exam for December, is it too late to switch to computer based?

No. You can change your exam type by logging into your MyACCA account. Please note the exam booking deadline for December 2017 is 30th October and no changes can be made after this date.

Book your ACCA exam

If you would like to discuss session CBEs with First Intuition, please contact your local study centre and we will be happy to advise you.

Please visit the ACCA website for more detailed information.

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