Anyone for a pub quiz?


Most students work hard to prepare themselves for the exams that will allow them to achieve their accountancy qualification. Spending several weeks practicing lots of questions and mock papers hopefully means that there won’t be many surprises in the real thing, but it’s inevitable that sometimes questions come up on less familiar areas, or requirements might make it hard to identify exactly what the examiners want you to do. This is especially true as you get towards the higher levels of the qualifications, when examiners want to test your ability to think on your feet, rather than just regurgitate knowledge that you have learnt by heart.

When they aren’t exactly sure what they need to do, some students may freeze or go into ‘panic mode’, often totally ignoring those questions that they don’t feel 100% confident attempting. These students lose what can often be relatively easy marks, for using a bit of common sense and a bit of educated guesswork to come up with a sensible answer.

In this video tutor Gareth John talks about the importance of ensuring that you are willing to ‘have a go’ at even the most challenging questions and requirements.




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