Bookkeeping Transactions



This unit introduces students to the double-entry bookkeeping system and the associated documents and processes. Students will reach the stage of extracting an initial trial balance, before any adjustments are made. This unit provides students with the skills necessary to operate a manual double-entry bookkeeping system and provides a strong foundation for progression to more advanced manual and computerised activities.

On completion of this unit, students will be able to check the accuracy of invoices, credit notes, remittance advices, statements of account and petty cash vouchers. They will know how to use these documents to make entries in sales and purchases daybooks, sales and purchases returns daybooks, and discounts allowed and received daybooks using account codes, as well as how to transfer those totals to the sales, purchases and general ledgers.


25 September 2018 LeedsEveningTuition£444.00
24 September 2018 LeedsWeekdayTuition£444.00
13 September 2018 MaidstoneEveningTuition£325.00
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12 September 2018 LondonWeekdayTuition£375.00
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11 September 2018 CambridgeEveningTuition£400.00
10 October 2018 CambridgeWeekdayTuition£400.00
24 September 2018 ChelmsfordEveningTuition£400.00
27 September 2018 ChelmsfordWeekdayTuition£400.00
AAT Foundation BKT FI GoLondonTuition£195.00
AAT AQ2016 Foundation Level Bookkeeping Transactions FI Go (lever arch folder)AAT Distance LearningTuition£195.00
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AAT Bookkeeping Transactions self studyAAT Distance LearningTuition£35.00
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