So I’m sitting on a beach, wearing a hoodie and sipping coffee….watching the waves crash.

Beach holidays in the UK are a lot like getting started on your studies.

You start full of good intentions, plans about what to do and when.  On paper it all sounds ideal.

Cream teas, lazy walks in the sunshine across the cliff tops and beach games as the sun sets.


Then the reality hits, storms and rain in Devon or in the world of studying there might be a crisis at work or a best friend’s wedding.

It would be easy to claim the holiday is ruined or the study plan has failed.  You could spend a lot of time and energy worrying about what hasn’t happened.


The reality is that it’s just time for a rethink. A different strategy…..maybe moving your study plan around, or contacting your tutor for advice.

Or in my case, sticking on a rain coat and strolling down the beach in search of shelter to watch the surf!


Ginny Bradwell is a tutor and director at First Intuition London.

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