All ICAEW Certificate Level modules are examined with a 1 hour 30 minute computer-based assessment, and may be taken in any order.



This module covers the techniques of double entry accounting and how to apply its principles, including:

  • maintaining financial records
  • adjustments to accounting records and financial statements
  • preparing financial statements


This module covers the assurance process and fundamental principles of ethics, including:

  • concept, process and need for assurance
  • internal controls
  • gathering evidence on an assurance engagement
  • professional ethics

Business and Finance

This module covers how businesses operate and how accounting and finance functions support businesses, including:

  • business objectives and functions
  • business and organisational structures
  • the role of finance and the accountancy profession
  • governance, sustainability, corporate responsibility and ethics
  • the external environment


This module covers the principles of law, including:

  • impact of civil and criminal law on business and professional services
  • company and insolvency law
  • impact of law in the professional context

Management Information

This module covers how to prepare essential financial information for the management of a business, including:

  • costing and pricing
  • budgeting and forecasting
  • performance management
  • management decision-making

Principles of Taxation

This module covers the general objectives and types of tax, including:

  • objectives, types of tax and ethics
  • administration of taxation
  • income tax and national insurance contributions
  • capital gains tax and chargeable gains for companies
  • corporation tax
  • VAT

All of the ICAEW Certificate Level modules are available for credit, based on prior learning.   Please visit the ICAEW website for more information.