How to find more hours in the day…


I thought that would get your attention!

For most of us, professional exams are the first time that we are working, studying and attempting to have some sort of social life and remind our friends that we exist.

Often we schedule in blocks of study time and then feel dread as the time we have set aside nears as there’s always so many better things to be doing.

So why not run your studying alongside something else?

If you have a train based commute, it’s perfect for flicking through question banks or listening to recorded lectures.

How about propping your phone up at the gym on the bike to breeze through 10k plus a lecture on motivation (other subjects are available!)

Even forgoing the pleasure of listening to your favourite artist every now and again is an opportunity to catch up with some of the narrative areas of your syllabus.

What perfect accompaniment to a stroll than your First Intuition tutor guiding you through an area of study?

I’ve even had students say that they like to listen to us before they fall asleep….I like to think it’s so the knowledge sinks in rather than a cure for insomnia.

However you do it remember that it doesn’t have to be sat a desk for 6 hours!

Ginny Bradwell is a tutor and director at First Intuition London. Ginny teaches audit, risk, ethics and business strategy.

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