CIMA Case Study

At the end of each Professional Level (Operational, Management,Strategic), students must sit the relevant Integrated Case Study (ICS) assessment.

The assessment

The ICS assessments are available four times a year:

  • February
  • May
  • August
  • November

The assessment is 3 hours long and tests knowledge at each level across the three core modules, focussing on application, analysis and evaluation.

The assessments include calculations, short answers and essays.

Students must complete all three objective tests within a level (Operational, Management or Strategic) before they can sit ICS assessment.  For example, if you are sitting the Management Case Study assessment, you must first pass P2, E2 and F2.

The case study

Each assessment is linked to a unique ‘preseen’ case study, which is available in advance. The preseen case study is based on a simulated business environment within a real-life industry or organisation.

Candidates are allowed to see some of the case study information and associated databases before the assessment and will encounter new information during the assessment.

Study with First Intuition

Study with First Intuition and benefit from experienced tutors who bring the case studies to life. We have exceptionally high pass rates and give you the confidence to pass first time.

What’s included?

  • Comprehensive course notes including revision of core OT subjects
  • Full video analysis of the current pre-seen case study
  • Pre-recorded online lectures covering the core OT subjects
  • 5 mock exams specifically written for your pre-seen case study
  • 3 marked mock exams with full debriefing and personal feedback
  • Unrestricted tutor support by phone and email

Blended learning

We have introduced blended learning courses to give students greater flexibility with their studies.

We combine classroom and live tuition with a  structured online practice phase, so students can choose when and how they complete the online mock exams.

We provide 5 mock exams written specifically for each case scenario, with marking and personalised feedback to help you improve your performance.

How can I pass first time?

  • Pass your three core modules in advance of starting the case study course
  • Read the pre-seen case study before you start
  • Attend all sessions of the course
  • Complete 3 mock exams under exam conditions
  • Review your feedback from your marked mocks
  • Call or email your tutor ahead of the exam with any questions

Pass guarantee

Don’t pass first time?  You can attend the next equivalent classroom or live online course free if you meet the Pass Guarantee Terms and conditions.

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