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AAT - Advanced Certificate in Bookkeeping

Aimed at experienced bookkeepers, the Advanced Certificate in Accounting qualification covers areas such as double entry bookkeeping, financial statements, intermediate spreadsheets and software use.

Online StudyAAT Distance LearningSelf StudyN/ATuition£115
Online StudyAAT Distance LearningFI GoN/ATuition£599
AAT - Advanced Diploma In Accounting

Students should have completed the Foundation Certificate or the Bookkeeping Certificate or have a relevant qualification or experience if starting at this level.

Online StudyAAT Distance LearningSelf StudyN/ATuition£245
Online StudyAAT Distance LearningFI GoN/ATuition£1015
19 February 2019CambridgeClassroomEveningTuition£2360
21 May 2019CambridgeClassroomWeekdayTuition£2360
19 February 2019CambridgeClassroomWeekdayTuition£2360
20 May 2019ChelmsfordClassroomEveningTuition£2040
29 April 2019ChelmsfordClassroomWeekdayTuition£2040
11 February 2019ChelmsfordClassroomWeekdayTuition£2040
31 January 2019ChelmsfordClassroomWeekdayTuition£2040
04 February 2019ChelmsfordClassroomEveningTuition£2040
AAT - Foundation Certificate In Accounting

The Foundation Certificate in Accounting is the AAT’s entry level qualification, made up of five modules in bookkeeping and finance.

Online StudyAAT Distance LearningSelf StudyN/ATuition£200
Online StudyAAT Distance LearningFI GoN/ATuition£910
14 February 2019ChelmsfordClassroomWeekdayTuition£1200
20 June 2019ChelmsfordClassroomEveningTuition£1200
10 January 2019ChelmsfordClassroomWeekdayTuition£1200
28 February 2019ChelmsfordClassroomEveningTuition£1200
AAT - Foundation Certificate In Bookkeeping

The Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping is an entry level qualification, made up of two bookkeeping modules.

Online StudyAAT Distance LearningSelf StudyN/ATuition£80
Online StudyAAT Distance LearningFI GoN/ATuition£335
22 January 2019CambridgeClassroomEveningTuition£695
24 January 2019CambridgeClassroomWeekdayTuition£695
AAT - Professional Diploma In Accounting

The Professional Diploma comprises three core modules, a synoptic assessment and two optional units from a choice of five.

Online StudyAAT Distance LearningSelf StudyN/ATuition£270
Online StudyAAT Distance LearningFI GoN/ATuition£1120
26 February 2019CambridgeClassroomEveningTuition£3060
25 February 2019CambridgeClassroomWeekdayTuition£3060
11 June 2019ChelmsfordClassroomEveningTuition£2640
15 January 2019ChelmsfordClassroomEveningTuition£2640
30 April 2019ChelmsfordClassroomWeekdayTuition£2640
15 January 2019ChelmsfordClassroomWeekdayTuition£2640
25 February 2019NorwichClassroomWeekdayTuition£2940
ICAEW - Accounting

In this module you will learn about: maintaining financial records; making adjustments to accounting records and financial statements; preparing financial statements; and professional ethics.

10 January 2019LondonFI Go LiveWeekdayTuition£576
Online StudyLondonFI GoN/ATuition£432
Online StudyCambridgeFI GoN/ATuition£456
Online StudyLeedsFI GoN/ATuition£456
07 January 2019ReadingClassroomWeekdayTuition£630
AAT - Advanced Bookkeeping

This unit is the first of two Advanced level financial accounting units. It develops Foundation level skills, incorporating Advanced Bookkeeping and managing records for non-current assets, in preparation for producing final accounts for unincorporated organisations. The purpose of this unit is to build on skills and knowledge learned in the Foundation level accounting units and to develop bookkeeping […]

11 February 2019LondonClassroomWeekdayTuition£465
Online StudyLondonFI GoN/ATuition£205
Online StudyAAT Distance LearningSelf StudyN/ATuition£35
Online StudyAAT Distance LearningFI GoN/ATuition£205
21 March 2019MaidstoneClassroomWeekdayTuition£415
08 January 2019MaidstoneClassroomEveningTuition£415
04 June 2019LeedsClassroomWeekdayTuition£702
28 January 2019ReadingClassroomWeekdayTuition£675
31 May 2019SheffieldClassroomWeekdayTuition£702
AAT - Advanced Synoptic

Our courses cover all the learning and preparation associated with ‘Ethics for Accounting’, ‘Spreadsheets for Accounting’ and the Synoptic assessment. Ethics in Accounting is about professional ethics in an accounting environment. It seeks to ensure that students have an excellent understanding of why accountants need to act ethically, of the principles of ethical working, of what […]

10 June 2019LondonClassroomWeekdayTuition£625
07 January 2019LondonClassroomWeekdayTuition£655
13 April 2019LondonClassroomWeekendTuition£655
Online StudyLondonFI GoN/ATuition£485
Online StudyAAT Distance LearningFI GoN/ATuition£485
04 April 2019ChelmsfordClassroomWeekdayTuition£700
16 February 2019MaidstoneClassroomWeekendTuition£440
04 June 2019MaidstoneClassroomEveningTuition£440
17 October 2019ReadingClassroomWeekdayTuition£188
01 October 2019LeedsClassroomWeekdayTuition£504
08 April 2019ChelmsfordClassroomEveningTuition£700
22 February 2019ChelmsfordClassroomWeekdayTuition£700
08 January 2019ChelmsfordClassroomWeekdayTuition£700
01 October 2019LeedsClassroomEveningTuition£504
28 May 2019LeedsClassroomEveningN/A£504
08 January 2019LeedsClassroomWeekdayN/A£504
20 February 2019SheffieldClassroomWeekdayTuition£504
ICAEW - Assurance

In this module you will learn about: the concept, process and need for assurance; internal controls; gathering evidence on assurance engagement; and professional ethics.

16 April 2019LondonFI Go LiveWeekdayTuition£456
Online StudyLondonFI GoN/ATuition£432
Online StudyCambridgeFI GoN/ATuition£456
Online StudyLeedsFI GoN/ATuition£456
15 January 2019ReadingClassroomWeekdayTuition£576
ICAEW - Audit and Assurance

In this module you will learn about: legal and other professional regulations, ethics and current issues; accepting, planning and managing engagements; concluding and reporting on engagements; and professional ethics.

Online StudyCambridgeFI GoN/ATuition£528
Online StudyLeedsFI GoN/ATuition£528
25 March 2019ChelmsfordClassroomWeekdayTuition£1062
04 February 2019ChelmsfordClassroomWeekdayTuition£1062
03 April 2019ReadingClassroomWeekdayTuition£642
04 June 2019ReadingClassroomWeekdayRevision£474
04 March 2019ReadingClassroomWeekdayRevision£474
19 December 2018ReadingClassroomWeekdayTuition£642