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For a limited time only, First Intuition are offering a select group of students the chance to trial a new Online Premium course offering for the September 2024 exam sitting.  

In our quest to offer the very best ACCA courses to our students, we are trialling a premium version of our FI Online course for two modules: PM and FR, to the September sitting.  Online Premium offers more support and guidance to students who like the flexibility of studying online. 

What is FI Online Premium?

The Online Premium course is a flexible 10 week study programme, mirroring our standard Online course. The difference with Online Premium is the addition of a personalised webinar series from an expert tutor, designed to take you through the more challenging areas of the syllabus and coach you with your exam technique. You’ll also have a second mock marked, plus proactive tutor support throughout your studies, to make sure you’re on track for a comfortable pass in September. 

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How will I study?

Online Premium offers the flexibity of our standard Online course, with the addition of five 1-1.5 hour webinars delivered live by a subject expert. You will learn by following a structured online course with pre-recorded video lectures covering the syllabus, supplemented by course notes that we deliver to your door. 

To complement your independent online learning, our expert tutors have devised a webinar series to support your learning. An example of the webinar series is below: 

Webinar 1: Welcome and Introduction 

Introduction to the syllabus, exam structure, ACCA resources and approach to revision. 

Webinar 2: Section C Exam Technique: Part 1 

Exam technique covering the more challenging section of the exam. 

Webinar 3: Section C Exam Technique: Part 2 

Exam technique continued, focusing on pre-briefing a past paper and how to structure an answer. 

Webinar 4: Mock 1 Debrief plus Guidance for Mock 2 

Common pitfalls, exam technique and an explanation of how to approach mock 2. 

Webinar 5: Mock 2 Debrief, exam preparation and Q&A 

Common pitfalls in mock 2 followed by a general Q&A session to help students prepare for the exam. 

What's included

✔️Immediate access to the PM or FR online course on FI Learn for the September 2024 sitting. 

✔️Comprehensive pre-recorded video lectures covering the syllabus. 

✔️Quizzes and checkpoints to allow you to test your knowledge as you progress. 

✔️Mock exam pre-briefs and de-briefs to help you understand exactly what the examiner is expecting of you. 

✔️Proactive support from a dedicated tutor. 

✔️Exclusive access to a live webinar series designed to support your learning and guide you to exam success. 

✔️Two mock exams, with marking and feedback – plus a self-marked mock.

✔️Physical course notes and question bank delivered to your door. 

✔️A digital Study Text for extra reading around the syllabus. 

Who is Online Premium for?

ACCA Online Premium is open to FI students who have studied an online course with FI before, but are looking for a little more support with their studies. Online Premium courses for PM and FR have limited availability and are only available to the September 2024 sitting at the moment. 

We think Online Premium is best suited to: 

✔️ACCA students wanting to sit either PM or FR to the September sitting 

✔️ACCA students looking for a high quality course to fit around their lifestyle 

✔️ACCA students who are unable to study via Online Live due to time commitments 

✔️ACCA students who have a supportive employer funding their studies 

Why study Online Premium with FI?

  • Start anytime” – When you join our Online Premium course, you can start learning as soon as you book, giving you the power to structure your time and learning to suit your lifestyle. 
  • Comprehensive video learning – You’ll have access to 15 hours of tutor-led video recordings covering the core learning of the syllabus. This content is available for you to dip in and out of as needed as you progress through the tuition and revision phase. 
  • Study online, but you won’t be studying alone – You’ll have tutor support throughout your programme and a cohort of peers studying alongside you. You can get in touch with your tutor if you get stuck or need any technical help. 
  • Extra guidance – Live webinar sessions designed to support your learning and boost your chance of passing first time. 

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost? Online Premium is £600 per module for the September sitting only, and we expect spaces to sell out fast. 

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Contact our friendly team to learn more about FI Online Premium and talk through your options.