AAT AQ2016 Assessments 

AAT assessments are in the form of computer based exams ranging from 90 to 180 minutes duration.

Assessment/Invigilation Fees (paid directly the assessment centre of your choice):

  • At level 2 there are 4 unit assessments plus a synoptic
  • At level 3 there are 4 unit assessments plus a synoptic
  • At level 4 there are 5 unit assessments (or 6 if you do 3 optional papers) plus a synoptic

Unit assessments will still be available on demand, but synoptic assessments will be restricted to fixed assessment sittings.  Please click here for the scheduled dates for the synoptic sittings.

Each qualification will now be graded, this will be determined by the percentage you have achieved in each unit assessment and the synoptic assessment. Your final grade will either be Pass, Merit or Distinction.

There will be a synoptic assessment at the end of each level. A synoptic assessment is an exam that will cover the whole syllabus of a level.  Foundation synoptic assessments will be available most weeks, Advanced and Professional synoptic assessments will be available at fixed times throughout the year, as communicated by AAT. You can view the Synoptic schedule here 

The new syllabus will restrict some students to one re-sit per unit and synoptic assessment within their 24 month study programme for assessments on the Foundation and Advanced Accounting Qualifications.

If you are currently studying AAT you will need to think about how this syllabus change will affect you.  You may need to make a decision about when you will begin studying the new AQ2016 syllabus.

Current students can stay on AQ2013 (the old syllabus) to complete your level and start your next level on either syllabus.  To complete under the old syllabus you will need to maintain an active AAT Student Membership and will then have until 31 December 2017 to complete it.

Please contact your tutor with any queries you have regarding the new syllabus.


AAT AQ2013 Assessments

Please note the deadline to sit AQ2013 assessments is 31ST DECEMBER 2017

AAT assessments are mostly in the form of computer based exams ranging from 90 to 150 minutes duration.  At level 4 you will be required to complete a written project of about 4,000 words for the Internal Control module.

Assessment/Invigilation Fees (paid directly the assessment centre of your choice):

  • At level 2 there are 5 assessments
  • At level 3 there are 6 assessments
  • At level 4 there are 6 assessments (or 7 if you do 3 optional papers)

These charges vary with each venue – please phone your local First Intuition Centre to find out assessment costs.  (You can check availability and book London exam sessions online).  AAT Computer Based Exam Booking Form

If you do not have First Intuition centre local to you please follow the link below to find an alternative assessment venue:

assessment-venue search

Each unit is tested as either a computer based exam or assessment. The exams last between 90 minutes and 2.5 hours depending on the subject, and the pass mark is 70%.

You can sit your exams at any First Intuition or AAT Assessment centre. Simply call your nearest exam centre to book your exam.

Not sure if AAT is the right qualification for you? Use our qualification guide or contact us for advice.