Building Resilience

Date: November 7, 2018


What better day than ‘Stress Awareness Day’ to announce that First Intuition are now working with CABA. CABA support ICAEW students through the stresses and struggles that can come with studying for a professional qualification.

FI teamed up with CABA on the 25th October to run our first free lunchtime workshop on building resilience. Resilience is important in protecting your mental wellbeing, particularly when balancing study with pressures at work and a busy lifestyle. The workshop on the 25th was a huge success and will be one of many yet to come.

Building resilience with a football

The session was run by Richard Jenkins, a behavioral and sports psychologist with 25 year’s experience. Topics covered by Richard were chosen at random by students. Richard brought a  football with important topics such as social connections and the importance of sleep and diet’ to the session and passed it around the group to encourage discussion. The session gave FI students the opportunity to speak to a psychologist for free, ask questions and share ideas with the group. 


Pressure vs. stress – what is the difference?  

A key topic that Richard discussed was the difference between pressure and stress – something that not many students were aware of being different. Pressure and stress can feel very similar, but with pressure a person still feels they can cope. Stress is when a person feels that they are unable to cope. Richard went on to identify the symptoms and signs of stress and pressure and the steps students can take to manage (and avoid) these feelings.  

Are you surrounded by radiators or drains?

There are two types of people; ‘radiators’ that radiate positivity, brighten up the room when they walk in and add value to your day, and ‘drains’ that seem to suck energy from others and seem negative. While ‘drains’ are mostly lovely people and may have their own reason for being negative, to build resilience you need to surround yourself with ‘radiators’ that will build you up and support you in what you are trying to achieve – or at least not make things harder!





If you could add a topic to the ‘football’ what would it be? Comment on our Twitter:@first_intuition with #teamFIstudytips