CIMA T4 Case Study

CIMA T4 Case Study is the final exam you need to pass to become CIMA qualified. There is no new syllabus content and any topics from earlier papers may be relevant. The exam is a case study set within a simulated business environment. The industry and business scenario is given in advance ("pre-seen" material) and you will be given additional information on the day of the exam itself. The normal requirement is to write a report, typically covering

  • identification and prioritisation of the key issues facing the business
  • explanation of the impact of the issues (financial and non-financial)
  • consideration of ethical issues or conflicts
  • recommendations for action to address the issues

Some element of financial analysis will be required and you will be expected to apply relevant business models to support your analysis and recommendations. 

First in the world

Simon Wilshire came top of 4,841 students who sat CIMA T4 in February and May 2013.  Simon has studied CIMA with our Bristol centre and works for Wessex Water.

This is an outstanding achievement and the team at First Intuition Bristol are very proud!

Our CIMA T4 courses

Our 5 day integrated course will:

  • go through the case scenario, helping you build your knowledge of the relevant industry
  • explain in detail the marking process behind T4 and how to secure a pass
  • explain the expected format and presentation of a management report and how to construct one under timed conditions
  • set you a series of full, exam standard mock exams, based on the pre-seen, with tutor marking and classroom debriefs

Our retake course (May and November exams only) comprises the three mock exams only.

Our new T4 online course includes recorded lectures reviewing the pre-seen case study, giving you valuable industry insight and help understanding how T4 is marked and how to structure your report. We also provide 3 tutor marked mock exams as standard, with live online tutor debriefs. 

CIMA T4 exam on PC

There are 4 exam sittings per year for CIMA T4 Case Study: March (PC only), May (PC or paper), September (PC only) and November (PC or paper). PC based exams take place at First Intuition study centres and we co-ordinate your exam entry when you register for one of our courses. Key dates for the 2014 exams on PC are:

Mar exam

May exam

Sep exam

Nov exam

Exam entry deadline

21 Jan 14

12 Apr 14

18 Jul 14

10 Oct 14

Exam fee payment deadline

08 Feb 14

1 May 14

08 Aug 14

29 Oct 14

Exam date

25 Feb 14

23 May 14

27 Aug 14

20 Nov 14

Results date

21 Mar 14

13 Jun 14

20 Sep 14

12 Dec 14

Please note the exam entry fee for T4 on PC in 2014 is £165 and is payable directly to CIMA through your "My CIMA" account. You can find out more about CIMA T4 on PC at the CIMA website.

If you wish to sit the paper based CIMA T4 exam the normal exam entry rules and deadlines apply and the exams take place at the regular exam centres. See our CIMA exams page for more details.

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